How do Security Cameras benefit your Mining Sites

Many of us believe that camera surveillance is only essential in public places. However, even remote locations such as mining sites require specialized, sophisticated security camera services for both efficient monitoring and safeguarding.

The Need for Security Cameras in Mining Locations:

Mining industry deals with precious extracted material (metals, ores, stones, coal, etc.) and the extraction process itself is highly strenuous and demanding. In such a working environment, for the convenience and safety of workers involved, it is important to install surveillance cameras. The acute need for security cameras arises in mining locations for following reasons:

• To maintain perimeter security
• To get access to evident footage in case of an accident or foul play
• To observe general movements, working ethics, and work progress on the mining site from a remote location
• To avoid any high risk accident
Mobile Video Surveillance
Benefits of surveillance cameras in mining plants: 

You can get following advantages by installing security cameras in your mining plants:

• 24×7 monitoring of the site from remote location : With the help of high quality security cameras for construction site, you can monitor the activities happening at the mining sites from a remote location. Such monitoring enables you to keep track of the work progress and to control it as well.

• Video evidence in case of foul play or mishaps : 

Mining sites are particularly susceptible to mishaps or even vandalizing of the property. In case of such an unfortunate event, for further investigation, you can get video evidence from the security cameras. These evidences are important in knowing the root cause of the accident or foul play.

Avoiding plausible accidents: 

Remote monitoring with security cameras enables you to keep a track of all the important sites of your mining plant at the same time. Because of this, you can get a timely alert in case of a plausible accident or attempt for foul play and try to avoid it.

The aforementioned benefits ascertain the fact that security cameras are essential in mining sites for safeguarding and evidence provision. You can opt for stationary or portable surveillance cameras as per the requirements of your plant and your budget range.

Advanced Mobile Video Surveillance: A Necessity for Reliable Security

We all are familiar with the concept of mobile video surveillance. Safeguarding your valuables and property is now a lot easier and more cost-effective with portable security than conventional options. Not only private properties but even public areas such as parking lots, parks, stations etc. need to be secured with highly competent mobile surveillance systems.

Some of the Common Places That Rely on Such Portable Security Systems Are:

  • Evacuation Routes
  • Border Security
  • Airports
  • Subway Stations
  • Stadiums
  • Large Public Event Gatherings
  • Construction Sites
  • Industrial Plants
  • Waste Treatment Facilities
  • Traffic Posts
  • Rail Yards
  • Police Stations
  • Residential Area

 Mobile Video Surveillance Features You Can Rely On:

 A Light Guardian mobile video surveillance system exhibits certain characteristic features that will ensure the protection of your property. Also, the recorded tapes you get from such a security system are always helpful in any investigation. Here are the features that you can rely on:

  • High Resolution Camera:

    Be it a large stadium or a construction site or an apartment, the quality of footage you get from the camera plays an important role in investigations. With a portable security system, you can get a high resolution camera for better viewing.

  • Remote Access for Monitoring:

    With the help of Wi-Fi or cellular/ radio connection, you can get wireless internet access for your system that will enable you to remotely monitor the live videos and recordings.

  • Video Footage as Proof for Claims:

    In case of burglary or foul-play, you can take help of the video footage taken from your mobile security camera as an evidence for an investigation or insurance claims.

Reliable Mobile Security System by Light Guardian™

Light Guardian™ has been providing the best mobile video surveillance services since years in the industry. Our well-equipped system is easy to install and cost-effective. To know more, please visit our website or give us a call on 1-888-363-6380.

Opt for a Mobile Video Security System to Protect your Construction Site

A construction site is dependent on well-equipped, reliable mobile video security system for curbing the cases of thefts and foul-play. Comprising of a conventional light tower and a security camera, a portable security system is a must monitoring and protecting your site.

Need for a Portable Security System:

Construction sites and properties usually are wide-spread landscapes where expensive equipment and gear is kept. In order to safeguard these valuables, you have to invest a lot for procuring light towers, alarms, security cameras and related accessories. However a standard mobile video security system curbs the hassles of installation and the need of spending huge sum of money on different devices for security. In order to cost-effectively monitor and protect a site, it is essential to opt for a portable security system.

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Secure Your Construction Sites with Light Guardian’s Security Cameras

Construction sites usually fall prey to burglaries. As a lot of expensive equipment is left on site during the night, it is important to safeguard your investments. A security camera can help solve your burglary problems. However, you should utilize equipment that will be able to handle the stresses that are present in a construction site. You require a construction site security system. But you need not spend thousands of dollars to buy a whole new system. You can just contact Light Guardian.

A leading US mobile security and surveillance distributor, Light Guardian has been safe guarding construction sites, plants, refineries, outdoor event venues, and many other locations for the past 10 years. Light Guardian provides the latest in construction site security camera and surveillance products that are designed to monitor and protect your investments. The company’s efficient service and quick delivery time has helped to create and maintain relationships with manufacturers and customers around the world.

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Make Your Surveillance System Mobile

Looking for a video security provider who will take care of your surveillance needs and more? Then take a look at Light Guardian. A mobile security and surveillance distributor, Light Guardian has over 10 years of experience in surveillance security.

The company provides a variety of portable light towers along with mobile security and surveillance products. The surveillance units can be interchanged from and to any standard light tower. This versatility allows you to reduce your costs towards asset management by 80%. One system that is provided Light Guardian is the Mobile Video Surveillance System.

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Secure and Illuminate your Work Place Using Mobile Video Surveillance from Light Guardian

Multifarious industries and manufacturing sectors deeply acknowledge the effectiveness of video surveillance systems due to their capability in providing impressive security and efficient illumination to vast areas. Since several manufacturing and industrial sectors schedule their work in outdoors or remote areas at nights, there requires a proper and bright illumination to support the complicated and high-precision required tasks. Light Guardian mobile surveillance systems help you in protecting and illuminating vast construction areas or outdoor manufacturing sites with handy and portable mobile video surveillance unit.

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Importance, Features and Specifications of Light Guardian Mobile Video Surveillance

Welcome to Light Guardian, your most trusted and reliable source for best-in-class mobile video surveillance system. With over 10 years of experience, we continue to deliver mobile video security systems for close surveillance of manufacturing plants, construction sites and other outdoor activities. We gained the trust of many numbers of customers with the delivery of quality products made of superior quality raw materials. We value our customers, thus we will not compromise on the product quality.

As the name implies, Light Guardian mobile video surveillance can be transported to any remote locations for surveillance of large areas. With extensive R&D conducted, we could develop a mobile surveillance system by combining best features of a light tower and mobile video surveillance. This product comes with advanced option including web access, IP-based weather stations, traffic counters, and integrated access control components. Various functionality of this video surveillance system like tilt, zoom and pan can be controlled and managed from remote locations.

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Use Construction Site Security Camera for Better Surveillance at Construction Sites

News on theft, vandalism, trespassing etc is common in construction sites as these sites stock expensive raw materials and machineries without enough security and surveillance. Construction sites are often seen with piles of expensive lumber, steel, and pipes with no proper lighting and efficient monitoring devices. This careless approach leads to considerable increase in burglary and vandalism and huge loss to companies. You can put in a little effort to understand the benefits of Light Guardian construction site security camera that helps in monitoring your construction sites at nights.

Use Light Guardian’s Mobile Video Security System to Experience Uber Safety

Mobile Video Security System -Today, most of the industrial applications depends and demands for the right type of illumination that take place at odd hours of work. And this is precisely why a concept such as mobile video security systems have been developed to simply bring together two different features under one umbrella.

 Use Light Guardian’s Lighting Products and Experience Superior Security

Light Guardian introduces an extremely effective and comprehensive security system that has the ability to convert a standard light tower into a completely remote-operated security system. And this can be done in a matter of ten minutes sans any elaborate installation procedures and expensive labor costs. It is a technology that has proven to be beneficial in industrial areas where securing a job site or a workplace is of utter importance.

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Secure Your Property With High-Quality Mobile Video Surveillance Systems

Mobile video surveillance is a new advent in the market. This technology is practical and beneficial when it comes to securing a workplace or field site. It is deeply appreciated by several users belonging to different manufacturing and industry sectors.

Our Mobile Video Surveillance Units are an All-In-One Solution

The technology of security systems combined with light towers is extremely useful and inexplicable. It is the best security system and perhaps a true savior when it comes to wireless removable security systems and mobile video surveillance and security system equipment. Light Guardian has the skill, knowledge, and capacity to fit surveillance security systems onto any conventional light tower available on the market. This procedure can be performed in a matter of ten minutes. However, if you need to transfer the security system from one light tower to another, you can easily do that without any major hassle, that too in just a few minutes.

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