Secure Your Property With High-Quality Mobile Video Surveillance Systems

Mobile video surveillance is a new advent in the market. This technology is practical and beneficial when it comes to securing a workplace or field site. It is deeply appreciated by several users belonging to different manufacturing and industry sectors.

Our Mobile Video Surveillance Units are an All-In-One Solution

The technology of security systems combined with light towers is extremely useful and inexplicable. It is the best security system and perhaps a true savior when it comes to wireless removable security systems and mobile video surveillance and security system equipment. Light Guardian has the skill, knowledge, and capacity to fit surveillance security systems onto any conventional light tower available on the market. This procedure can be performed in a matter of ten minutes. However, if you need to transfer the security system from one light tower to another, you can easily do that without any major hassle, that too in just a few minutes.

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Use Video Surveillance Trailer Systems for Remote-Secured Locations

Video Surveillance Trailer – For long our generations have employed electricity-operated systems for security reasons. And this fact also changed and gave rise to an innovative technology such as a solar powered video surveillance trailer.But spending upward of $50,000 on a single surveillance system might not be a feasible and an advisable financial decision. Thus, if one considers all these aspects it just boils down to one fact that why invest in a solar powered system when you get to experience abundant rich features, high-end functions, and low price in a system that combines these two tools into one sturdy product?

A wise investment in mobile video surveillance systems only gives rise to the fact that you want to ensure your workplace, office, or home are safe and secured all the time. In addition, more than 80% of most construction sites need and employ video surveillance systems and mobile light towers under one shelter.

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Install Mobile Video Surveillance to Avoid Crime, Theft or Vandalism

One of the primary benefits of a mobile video surveillance system is to prohibit a criminal act from taking place. Security cameras help prevent an intellectual property, and add sense of personal security and safety to an environment.

Mobile video surveillance camera is the most effective and the first-of-its-kind product that has gained high appreciation from different industry sectors. Amongst many peers, Light Guardian is the most popular manufacturer and supplier of mobile video security systems in the market. We can convert any conventional light tower into a fully functional security system. The advent of this technology has made us extremely popular and demanding when it comes to mobile video surveillance cameras

Experience Superior Safety and Protection with Mobile Video Security Systems

Mobile video security system - Mobile video surveillance is the first-of-its-kind product that has been highly appreciated from various industry sectors. This new product can practically convert any standard lighting tower into a functional mobile video surveillance trailer. And this can be performed in a matter of minutes, with no elaborate installation procedures or any need of multiple technicians.

Get Round the Clock Surveillance with Mobile Video Security Systems

Mobile Video Security Systems- With some inventive thinking, Light Guardian has created a solution that not only ensures enough illumination at a work site, but also helps in continuous surveillance. We are referring to our latest mobile video security systems that are a combination of a standard light tower and a surveillance video. This pioneering product can enable you to turn any standard light tower into a mobile video surveillance trailer within 10 minutes .


You can place this surveillance system at any spot on your site or facility. Besides, you also have the option of deploying multiple standard mobile video security system at different locations on the site. This relatively new product has already received positive reviews from our customers, especially since it combines two critical tasks into a single solution.

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