Opt for a Mobile Video Security System to Protect your Construction Site

A construction site is dependent on well-equipped, reliable mobile video security system for curbing the cases of thefts and foul-play. Comprising of a conventional light tower and a security camera, a portable security system is a must monitoring and protecting your site.

Need for a Portable Security System:

Construction sites and properties usually are wide-spread landscapes where expensive equipment and gear is kept. In order to safeguard these valuables, you have to invest a lot for procuring light towers, alarms, security cameras and related accessories. However a standard mobile video security system curbs the hassles of installation and the need of spending huge sum of money on different devices for security. In order to cost-effectively monitor and protect a site, it is essential to opt for a portable security system.

Features of a Mobile Video Security System:

With a self-contained portable security system, you can get following features:

  • Conversion of a simple light tower can be done in to a portable system for surveillance without any installation hassles or monetary investments.

  • An advanced mobile surveillance system is designed in such as way that it can be effortlessly integrated with your existing network.

  • You can get high-end security for your construction site with feature such as real-time weather surveillance, traffic counters, and wireless access to the internet, etc.

  • With the help of a portable system for security, you can monitor and control your site even from a remote location.

Durable and High-Performance Mobile Security System by Light Guardian™

Light Guardian™ presents first-of-its-kind portable security system for protecting your construction sites. This system constitutes of a high-resolution camera with quad streaming MPEG4/ JPEG video features. The non-corrosive, flame-resistant casing gives unmatched ruggedness to this security system. To know more about this reasonably priced mobile video security system, kindly visit our site www.lightguardian.com or give us a call on 1-888-363-6380.