Secure and Illuminate your Work Place Using Mobile Video Surveillance from Light Guardian

Multifarious industries and manufacturing sectors deeply acknowledge the effectiveness of video surveillance systems due to their capability in providing impressive security and efficient illumination to vast areas. Since several manufacturing and industrial sectors schedule their work in outdoors or remote areas at nights, there requires a proper and bright illumination to support the complicated and high-precision required tasks. Light Guardian mobile surveillance systems help you in protecting and illuminating vast construction areas or outdoor manufacturing sites with handy and portable mobile video surveillance unit.

The easy interchangeability, quick installation, affordability, and optimum security feature in all Light Guardian security systems. This is precisely why we have gained the reputation of being the most reliable and prominent manufacturer and supplier of mobile security & surveillance systems on the market.

Secure and Illuminate Your Property with Leading-edge Mobile Video Surveillance Unit

The innovative product from Light Guardian incorporates the best features of a light tower and mobile video surveillance system in a single product. The unit can be easily transported to any remote location and this will not hamper the functionality of the system.

Light Guardian is your most reliable source for availing mobile surveillance systems that feature:

•  Web access
•  IP-based weather stations
•  Traffic counters
•  Integrated access control components

High Performing and Durable in Aggressive Environments

Our video surveillance systems are effective for use in adverse industrial environments as they are precision-engineered to withstand in extreme and fluctuating weather conditions. The unit is completely enclosed using vandal proof lockable cover systems and incorporated with IP66 outdoor rated protection and IP68 connection ports.

Since our mobile video surveillance system has been fabricated using heavy duty, non-metallic, non-corrosive, flame resistant, vandal tough Poly carbonate Thermal Plastic alloy case, it offers durable and reliable performance in corrosion prone industrial and commercial environments.

Light Guardian mobile video security system is the best and dependable security system available on the market that offers unmatched operational excellence in any industrial environment. Kindly visit us at for further details.