Secure Your Construction Sites with Light Guardian’s Security Cameras

Construction sites usually fall prey to burglaries. As a lot of expensive equipment is left on site during the night, it is important to safeguard your investments. A security camera can help solve your burglary problems. However, you should utilize equipment that will be able to handle the stresses that are present in a construction site. You require a construction site security system. But you need not spend thousands of dollars to buy a whole new system. You can just contact Light Guardian.

A leading US mobile security and surveillance distributor, Light Guardian has been safe guarding construction sites, plants, refineries, outdoor event venues, and many other locations for the past 10 years. Light Guardian provides the latest in construction site security camera and surveillance products that are designed to monitor and protect your investments. The company’s efficient service and quick delivery time has helped to create and maintain relationships with manufacturers and customers around the world.

Construction Site Security Camera

Light Guardian’s construction site security system allows a standard light tower to be converted into a construction site security system. The system comprises a mobile security camera along with wireless capability. The features of the security camera include 4x digital zoom, 1600 x 1200 megapixel resolution, panning range between -175o and +175o, and 32 GB storage capacity, and more.

When on a construction site, there are many concerns of site managers and supervisors. Light Guardian has taken all the security possibilities into consideration and designed the security system for multi-task usage:

• Audio and video surveillance
• Clear night vision recording
• Solar powered video surveillance
• Portable tower for easy movement and change of security location

A security system is an important investment. With the right kind of security system, you can look forward to completing your construction work without worries, by just contacting Light Guardian.