Secure Your Property With High-Quality Mobile Video Surveillance Systems

Mobile video surveillance is a new advent in the market. This technology is practical and beneficial when it comes to securing a workplace or field site. It is deeply appreciated by several users belonging to different manufacturing and industry sectors.

Our Mobile Video Surveillance Units are an All-In-One Solution

The technology of security systems combined with light towers is extremely useful and inexplicable. It is the best security system and perhaps a true savior when it comes to wireless removable security systems and mobile video surveillance and security system equipment. Light Guardian has the skill, knowledge, and capacity to fit surveillance security systems onto any conventional light tower available on the market. This procedure can be performed in a matter of ten minutes. However, if you need to transfer the security system from one light tower to another, you can easily do that without any major hassle, that too in just a few minutes.

Furthermore, the best part that makes our technology extremely demanding and impressive amongst other competitors on the market is the ease at which one can completely control the entire system remotely from a distant location. In addition, the live audio and video can be accessed remotely via the help of an Internet connection too.

Also, Light Guardian’s mobile video surveillance units are best at the structure in which they are built in. Our units reduce the number of cable lines, wires, and all the extra materials which are ideally needed in such systems. The absence of cables and wires make the system self-sufficient and a fully-operational one. Due to this aspect, the chances of anyone tampering with the security systems are reduced as well. Mobile video surveillance units are available in a weatherproof enclosure, with a mask that is extremely capable of withstanding adverse climatic conditions and harsh environments such as snow, deserts, hilly areas, and more.Make Light Guardian your source for bright illumination. Visit us at