Opt for a Mobile Video Security System to Protect your Construction Site

A construction site is dependent on well-equipped, reliable mobile video security system for curbing the cases of thefts and foul-play. Comprising of a conventional light tower and a security camera, a portable security system is a must monitoring and protecting your site.

Need for a Portable Security System:

Construction sites and properties usually are wide-spread landscapes where expensive equipment and gear is kept. In order to safeguard these valuables, you have to invest a lot for procuring light towers, alarms, security cameras and related accessories. However a standard mobile video security system curbs the hassles of installation and the need of spending huge sum of money on different devices for security. In order to cost-effectively monitor and protect a site, it is essential to opt for a portable security system.

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Get Round the Clock Surveillance with Mobile Video Security Systems

Mobile Video Security Systems- With some inventive thinking, Light Guardian has created a solution that not only ensures enough illumination at a work site, but also helps in continuous surveillance. We are referring to our latest mobile video security systems that are a combination of a standard light tower and a surveillance video. This pioneering product can enable you to turn any standard light tower into a mobile video surveillance trailer within 10 minutes .


You can place this surveillance system at any spot on your site or facility. Besides, you also have the option of deploying multiple standard mobile video security system at different locations on the site. This relatively new product has already received positive reviews from our customers, especially since it combines two critical tasks into a single solution.

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