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Mobile Video Security Systems

Overview of Light Guardian’s Mobile Video Surveillance Systems

On site security, for the most part, depends on the right type of illumination and mobile video security systems. Light Guardian decided to bring together the best features of a light tower and mobile video surveillance in a single product to address this dual need with a single solution.

This unique first-to-market concept from Light Guardian turns any standard light tower into a mobile video surveillance system in less than 10 minutes.This instant conversion is devoid of elaborate installation procedures and expensive labor costs.

No elaborate installation procedures and no need to deploy multiple technicians. This technologically advanced system seamlessly integrates with a variety of modern communication and surveillance tools and networks, and can be managed from a remote location

Features of the Mobile Video Surveillance Unit at a Glance

This feature-packed mobile video surveillance system boasts a myriad of value-driven features such as web access, IP-based weather stations, traffic counters, and an optional suite of integrated access control components, among several other features. Investing in this one product gives you hundreds of different mobile video surveillance options.

Technical Specifications

If the competitive pricing of this product doesn’t impress you, the feature-rich package certainly will. Here’s what you can expect from this detachable mobile security and surveillance system:


  • Megapixel resolution (1600 x 1200) to capture small details and better identify subjects
  • Quad streaming MPEG4/JPEG video
  • Comes with free 16-CH recording software
  • Up to 30 frames per second
  • Pan range of -175° to +175°
  • Tilt range of +90° to -23°
  • 4X digital zoom
  • 32 GB onboard storage
  • 0.2 lux minimum illumination


  • Vandal proof lockable cover system
  • IP66 outdoor rated protection and IP68 connection ports
  • Heavy duty, non-metallic, non-corrosive, flame resistant, vandal tough Polycarbonate Thermal Plastic alloy case


  • Rugged 3G cellular modem
  • Wi-Fi accessible

Electrical System

  • Power cable is exposed
  • Built in surge suppressor, power conditioner and low voltage disconnect
  • 40’ power cable with IP66 rated magnetic power switch


  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Fully adjustable U bracket design
  • Non vibration isolation

Dimensions - Length x Width x Height (In transport mode)

  • Width: 12”
  • Length: 15”
  • Height: 18”
  • Weight: 18lbs

Allow us an opportunity to give you a comparative analysis of your existing video surveillance trailer and the Light Guardian Mobile Video Security Systems. We’ve seen hundreds of people making a switch—you could be next!

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